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Matthieu Dash

Matt has been working at Edinburgh Dental Studio since 2018 and has a specific interest in Cosmetic Dentistry. He has previously carried out voluntary work abroad in Cambodia and Ecuador. 



Ravina Mandair

Ravina graduated as a dentist from Leeds University. She moved to Edinburgh in 2020 and is currently working in the field of paediatric dentistry. Ravina is passionate about volunteering and empowering those who are from different backgrounds and cultures to be informed about their oral health.


Oral Health Enthusiast 

Olga Sliwinska

Olga was born in Lodz, Poland and moved to Edinburgh in 1998 with her parents. She graduated with a MSc Psychology last year, and have been working at the Royal College of Surgeons.

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Overseas Qualified Dentist

Majed Almehbash

Majed is an overseas qualified dentist from Syria since 2004 and specialized in Maxillofacial Surgery. He is working as a dental nurse trainee at the moment and preparing for the Overseas Registration Exams to be registered as a qualified dentist in the UK. 


Dental Hygienist & Therapist 

Fouzia Ahmed

Fouzia is an overseas qualified dentist. She is registered  in the UK as a dental hygienist and therapist. She is working in a busy dental practice in Edinburgh. 

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Oral Health Enthusiast

Diana Grapmane

Diana was born in Latvia and read Law at the University of Latvia. She moved to the UK 15 years ago with her young family. She has always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle and since becoming a parent has realized the importance of clear and effective guidance from an early age.



Kirsty Dickson 

Kirsty graduated as a Dentist, from Glasgow University, in 2020. She works at Bosco Dental Studio and is also a part time yoga teacher and hill running enthusiast. She has a strong passion for social, mental and physical wellbeing and enjoys the opportunity  for volunteering which allows working with families and different cultures. 


Overseas Qualified Dentist

Mehdiya Haider

Mehdiya is an overseas qualified dentist from Saudi Arabia, who moved to Edinburgh recently. She is currently preparing for the Overseas Registration Exams, to become a registered Dentist in the UK. Mehdiya is passionate about helping others, previously she volunteered at a dental hospital in Pakistan and ran dental awareness programs in Saudi Arabia. 


Dental Care Enthusiast 

Alice Rockliff

Alice is currently completing a BSc Honours in Biomedical Science at Newcastle University with the aim to pursue a career in dentistry with a special interest in children’s dental care. She previously volunteered at a local care home and the university Teddy Bear Hospital society.

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Ex-Dental Practitioner 

Nahla Awad          

Nahla has a BSc, dentistry from the University of Khartoum in Sudan as well as a MSc, business management from Edinburgh Napier University. She held different positions in the business and voluntary sectors.


Admin Volunteer

Adedoyin Ijiwole

Adedoyin is currently studying her Master's programme in Healthcare Management. With a background in business administration and management, she aspires to work with the NHS to provide managerial solutions.

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